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Cassotis Mediation helps parties resolve civil and divorce/family law matters in a structured but low-key, productive forum, ensuring all sides have the opportunity to develop and formalize satisfactory outcomes.  Matters related to Divorce, Family Law, General Civil, Landlord/Tenant, Property, Contract, Debt Collection, Construction, Employment and other civil areas can be handled.

Over 30 years of professional work experience and expertise

Serving all of New Jersey

Mediation is increasingly becoming a common alternative to resolving civil and divorce/family law disputes. Private and confidential sessions are held with the parties to try to achieve mutually accepted solutions. This forum, which is less formal and adversarial than a trial, allows for more flexible and quicker solutions.

Types of Mediation

  • Divorce/Family Law

  • General Civil

  • Healthcare

  • IT/Engineering

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Property

  • Contract

  • Debt Collection

  • Construction

  • Employment

  • and many more...


  • Information Technology and Engineering

  • Defense

  • Employee Benefits

  • Insurance

  • Agriculture

  • Retail Warehousing and Distribution

  • Healthcare

  • Systems and Data Management, including Data Privacy and Security

  • Supply Chain

  • Business Development, Start Up and Shutdown

  • International Operations

  • Music Negotiations and Performance

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